Delivery Policy

All orders are shipped at the instruction of the customer & as a result the customer will be liable for the items once it has left the premises of Volts Electrical (PTY) LTD.
All orders are shipped by Volts Electrical (PTY) LTD without any insurance.
An order will be considered completed by Volts Electrical (PTY) LTD once it has been collected by the customer &/or the shipping company.
Volts Electrical(PTY) LTD will not be held liable for any damages or losses that may be incurred during transit via theft, looting, hijacking, fire, mishandling, negligence, acts of Goods or any other cause that is out of our control.
Additional packaging costs may be incurred by the customer when requesting Volts Electrical (PTY) LTD to ship solar panels. Goods that are fragile need packaging which will incur an additional fee.
Goods will be delivered within 2-7 working days.
Volts Electrical (PTY) LTD do not ship internationally.
Volts Electrical (PTY) LTD only ship our goods nationally (within South Africa).
The customer should provide their full shipping address and contact details for the courier company.
The customer should avail themself within the 2-7 working days to receive the goods.
The customer may organize their own courier, provided Volts Electrical (PTY) LTD are notified beforehand.
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