ATESS HPS 30 Hybrid Inverter 30kW 450V


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ATESS HPS 30 Hybrid Inverter 30kW 450V
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The HPS inverter range is a ALL – in one Hybrid inverter for commercial applications and support up to 4 units in parallel and it would be the perfect solution for every business out there.

ATESS external CTs and an ATESS energy meter can be connected to enable export power control export.

Product Features:
4 units can be paralleled giving a total AC output power of 120kW
The PV array can be oversized by up to 50% of the rated AC output of the inverter.
Transformer based inverter – Capable of handling inductive loads effectively making it suitable for industrial based applications.
Touchscreen LCD user interface.
Diesel generator integration through the use of the Atess ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch).
All in one hybrid inverter.
Standard three-year warranty which can be extended up to seven years thus giving a maximum warranty period of 10 years.
Integrated export power limitation functionalities.
Weight: – 395kg
Rated Power: – 30,000W
Min PPT Voltage: – 480V
Max PPT Voltage: – 800V
DC Startup Voltage: – 450V
DC Shutdown Voltage: – 450V
Max Input Voltage: – 1,000V
Max DC Power: – 45,000W
Max AC Power (5 Minutes): – 33,000W
Surge AC Power (1 Second): – 36,000W
Max DC Current: – 90A
Max DC Inputs: – 1
Has DC Fuses: – 0
Connector: – Round Post
Included Connectors: – 1
Euro Efficiency: – 95%
Transformer: – HF
MPPT Quantity : – 1
Has Integrated DC Switch: – Yes
Optional other parts:
Three Phase AC Protection Box 1-In 1-Out 63A Type II SPD
ATESS Automatic Transfer Switch for HPS30
1000V Combiner Box 4 Inputs 1 Output 63A Isolator Type I_II SPD
1000V 1-MPPT Combiner Box 8-In 1-Out 160A Isolator Type I_II SPD

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ATESS HPS 30 Hybrid Inverter 30kW 450V
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