Battery Disconnect Mersen 3P-250A


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The production programme of MULTIBLOC® 800VAC comprises NH fuse switch disconnectors for 800VAC voltage application. This range includes Size 1 (1.ST8) and Size 2 (2.ST8) Multibloc and answers
the specific needs of Photovoltaic application for using String inverters rated at 800Vac.
They are designed for bottom fitting/panel installation and are available in triple pole units.
For installation of MULTIBLOC® NH fuse switch disconnectors in distribution units with central cover, respective covers are used to obtain a uniform profile in height and length.
MULTIBLOC® size 1 and size 2 are designed for NH fuse-links in accordance with IEC/EN 60269, VDE 0636, size 1 and size 2, 160A and 250A.
MULTIBLOC® offers the user the possibility of fast and easy installation as well as a high degree of security during installation and maintenance.


• Touch protection IP 20 – when fuse link is in test mode IP rating is maintained

• Parking position of switch operating cover even with fuse-links inserted • Modular system of cover – cover for cable termination area can be extended as required • Varieties of cable termination: screw, bolt, clamp strap, extendable for V-terminal – optional

• Padlocking and sealing of switch door cover – optional

• Indicating switch for switch door position – optional

• Installation on to DIN rails in accordance with EN 60 715 – optional

• Safe on load connection/disconnection in accordance with IEC 60947-3


• Power distibution and Motor protection

• Photovoltaic application: Protection on lines of String inverters rated at 800Vac


• IEC/EN 60 947-3 For NH-fuse links size 1 and size 2 in accordance with IEC/EN 60 269, VDE 0636


Voltage AC -800 VAC

Ampere Range (A) – 160 … 250 A

Size per Standard – Size 1 and Size 2

SCCR -Ue=AC 800 V; Ie=160 A 10kA

Mounting – bottom fitting/panel Switchability 3-pole switching

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Battery Disconnect Mersen 3P-250A
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