Deye 20Kw Three Phase HV Hybrid Inverter


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Product Features:
100% unbalanced output, each phase
AC couple to retrofit existing solar system
*Max. 10 pcs parallel for on-grid and off-grid operation; Support multiple batteries parallel
Max. charging/discharging current of 50A
High voltage battery, higher efficiency
6 time periods for battery charging/discharging
Support storing energy from diesel generator
Battery Input Data:
Battery Type: Lead-acid or Lithium-ion
Battery Voltage Range (V): 160~700
Max. Charging Current (A): 37
Max. Discharging Current (A): 37
Number of Battery Input: 1
PV String Input Data:
Max. DC Input Power (W): 26000
Max. DC Input Voltage (V): 1000
Start-up Voltage (V): 180
MPPT Voltage Range (V): 150-850
Max. Operating PV Input Current (A): 26+26+26
No. of MPP Trackers/ No. of Strings per MPP Tracker: 2/2+2
AC Input/Output Data:
Rated AC Input/Output Active Power (W): 20000
Max. AC Input/Output Apparent Power (VA): 22000
Rated AC Input/Output Current (A): 30.4/29
Max. AC Input/Output Current (A): 33.4/31.9
Max. Continuous AC Passthrough (grid to load) (A): 35
Noise (dB): <55
Ingress Protection(IP) Rating: IP65
Cabinet Size (WxHxD mm): 408×638×237 (Excluding Connectors and Brackets)
Weight (kg)” 30.5

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Deye 20Kw Three Phase HV Hybrid Inverter
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