Sunsynk Battery 10.65kW 51.2V 208AH


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Sunsynk 10.65kW 51.2V 208AH Battery is an advanced renewable energy storage solution, designed to provide reliable and efficient power for large-scale renewable energy applications. It combines advanced technology, with a high energy density and long-life cycle, making it an ideal and cost-effective solution for renewable energy storage.

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  • Built with CATL Lithium Ion cells
  • Operates at a Voltage of– 51.2V
  • Capacity –  10.65kWh/208Ah
  • Maximum (DoD) Depth of Discharge is – 100%
  • IP40
  • Voltage ( Cut off)– 45.6V
  • Voltage (Bulk)– 56.16V
  • Charging Current – 50A (Charge I)
  • Maximum recommended discharge Charging Current – 50A
  • Standard Discharging I – 50A
  • Size 836 x 550 x 160 @ 90Kg
  • Up to 8 in parallel
  • Cable pack not included, Sold Separately
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Sunsynk Battery 10.65kW 51.2V 208AH
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